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The 5th Annual Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship (SBFFC)

Coming to the Carroll Knicely Conference Center on Saturday, August 16, 2014, events starting at 9 am central time! 

SBFFC buy in is $200, compete among 96 total teams  (8 drafts of 12 teams each happening at the same time!)

To enter the SBFFC for 2014 to try to defeat the SBFFC champion Mr. Fantasy Luke Keith, send an email to:

brian.harwood@twc.com or call Dr. Brian Harwood at (270)-784-0357 today!  

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The SBFFC fantasy football shows from Sept. 24 and Oct. 1 have been uploaded for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy!  Oct. 1 show is on top, Sept. 24 show is on bottom.  The shows welcome in special guests Michael Jernejcic, Scott Wells, Dave Finkes and R & B Fantasy Sports's own Ricky Lachney!

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The Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship is back in 2014 with the great and loyal support of main corporate sponsor Buffalo Trace Bourbon!  Buffalo Trace Bourbon spokesman and marketing director Kris Comstock and Dr. Harwood met in Frankfort last week to seal the deal!  Buffalo Trace Bourbon and the SBFFC will be bigger and better than ever this season!  Join us on Saturday, August 16 at the WKU Carroll Knicely Conference Center for the 5th annual Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship!

Luke Keith is your new SBFFC World Champion!

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The 2013 SBFFC World Champion is Mr. Fantasy himself, Mr. Luke Keith!  Mr. Fantasy scored an impressive 600 fantasy points with his team name Tickle Monsters over weeks 14-16 to take home the crown!  The Stephanie Vincent Coldwell Banker Division Champion went into the playoffs with a lot of momentum and started the championship round with a great lead and never looked back.  Luke could not wait to get his trophy and start the celebration strong!  Take a look at his world champion Week 16 roster:

Championship Leaderboard:  


Kirk Cousins QB WAS   Starter  (he had RGIII)

Jamaal Charles RB  Starter---Drafted 9th overall!

Shane Vereen RB Starter

Pierre Garcon WR Starter

Demaryius Thomas WR DEN  Starter--Drafted in 3rd round!

Dez Bryant WR DAL Starter---Drafted in 2nd round!

Josh Gordon WR CLE Starter

Martellus Bennett TE CHI Starter

Nick Novak K Starter

Detroit Lions Def/ST Starter

Bench:  QB Carson Palmer, RB Jordan Todman, RB Joique Bell, RB Montee Ball, RB Knile Davis, RB Dennis Johnson, WR Cordarrelle Patterson, TE Jordan Cameron, TE Zach Ertz, DEF Panthers 

Luke looks forward to representing the SBFFC in 2014 as he strives to continue beating the best fantasy owners in the area as the SBFFC World Champion!  If you see Mr. Fantasy on the street, say "Hey Yo!" and he may give you an autograph and a couple free tips.

The SBFFC events will take place on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at the Carroll Knicely Conference Center in Bowling Green, KY! Watch out for more updates and news!

Official SBFFC Site for 2014, 2014 PHOTO ALBUM!

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Hello, the Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship is pleased to announce the site for the 2014 SBFFC Main Events and other drafts.  The SBFFC will take place at the Carroll Knicely Conference Center on Saturday, August 16, 2014, starting around 12:00 noon central time.

Make sure you mark your calendar for the 5th annual SBFFC events!

Also, take a look at the 2013 SBFFC PHOTO ALBUM!


SBFFC Rules and Things to Know for Draft Day!

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*****The SBFFC is a point-per reception league (PPR) for all positions

*****Use your $1,000 free agent acquisition bidding money to buy your draft spot. The SBFFC uses 3rd round reversal. After draft subtract $1,000 - $$ used to buy your draft spot = Remaining free agent acquisition bidding money.

*****All touchdowns scored are 6 points each, including QB passing TD’s!

*****TOTAL POINTS is #1 tiebreaker among any ties with two or more teams in the standings, or to determine playoff seeds & spots.

*****The regular season games are Weeks 1-11 inside your division. Week 12 & 13 are the divisional head-to-head playoffs, Weeks 14-16 is the Championship Round, which is total points across all playoff teams

*****NO TRADING with other teams, but Free Agent Acquisition bidding for pick-ups will be Wednesday & Friday nights. Free agent first come, first serve will start Saturday afternoon until noon Sundays

*****WEEK 12 has the Bills, Bengals, Eagles, and Seahawks on a bye, which is Week 1 of SBFFC divisional playoffs. Please plan and strategize accordingly!

*****Do not draft Aaron Hernandez, Jeremy Maclin, or Dennis Pitta!

For more rules & scoring options, visit:



http://www.rtsports.com/fantasy-football-league/68093 then click Rules.

Thanks and see you Saturday!


Congratulations to SBFFC Money Winners so far, Plenty of Football Left!!

Posted by Dr. Harwood on November 20, 2012 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

For those of you who had the best record in your division at the end of Week 11 and won $100, and/or if you had the most overall points in your division and won $100, congratulations. Keep on rockin' as you play in the SBFFC championship and divisional rounds from Weeks 12 through 16. Your team will be playing until the Monday Night Game in Week 16 hits ZERO on the clock for a Final Score.


As you may be aware, LeagueSafe.com is the official treasurer of the SBFFC. I will be in contact with them on Tuesday to see if I can have them award the regular season money now, or if I have to wait until the end of Week 16. As always, if you want or need your prizes early, let me know and I can pay you a cash advance.


The following have won their division regular season championships and $100 each:


1. Lost River Pizza Co. Division & LeagueSafe.com Division, Daymar Dragons 9-2, Buzz & Brown Backstrom


2. WBGN AM 1340 Division, It's About Time 10-1, Jonathan Patterson


3. Overtime Sports Bar & Grill Division, Cross Eyed-Crickets 10-1, Jeff Richardson


4. DraftSharks & Fan Wear & More Division, Alpha King 9-2, Joe Stark


5. Tony Rhoades State Farm Division--DWI BG, 8-3, Andy Carey & Mike Fox. DWI BG wins tiebreaker over Bringin the Pain' because DWI defeated Bringin the Pain' in the regular season.


6. Stephanie Vincent Coldwell Banker & River City Industrial Services Division---Outta Control, 7-4, 1682 points, Tim Gentry


This was a complicated tiebreaker, FIVE teams tied for first place at 7-4. Outta Control finished 3-1 over other 7-4 teams Revis & Butthead, Army Of One, Taylor Made 8, and Straight Cash Homie in regular season play. Revis & Butthead also finished 3-1 against tied teams, Army of One finished 2-2, Taylor Made 8 finished 2-2 and Straight Cash Homie went 0-4 among the tied teams.


Then, the second tiebreaker among tied teams, total points, had Outta Control scoring 1682 points over Revis & Butthead's 1394.14.


The following teams have scored the most points overall in their division and have won $100:


Lost River Pizza Co. & LeagueSafe.com Division, Mayberry Smackdown, Kelly Thompson, 1648.68 pts.


WBGN AM 1340 Division, Kentucky Korn Krushers, Jeff Wiser & Tom Simpson, 1632.54 points.


OVERTIME Sports Bar & Grill Division, Cross-Eyed Crickets, Jeff Richardson, 1693.50 points.--Jeff is the only SBFFC team to win both the regular season best record and most points in his division.


DraftSharks.com & Fan Wear & More Division, GRAVEDIGGER, David Barkes, 1588.66 points.


Tony Rhoades State Farm Division, Shiva Blasters, Craig Campbell, 1576.92 points.


And the #1 point scorer in the entire SBFFC, Stephanie Vincent Coldwell Banker & River City Industrial Services, Tickle Monsters, Luke Keith, 1753.02 points.


Tickle Monsters, GRAVEDIGGER, and Kentucky Korn Krushers will not be eligible for the SBFFC Divisional Playoffs in Weeks 12 and 13, but they will advance to the SBFFC Championship Round for total points in Weeks 12-14.


If anyone has any questions about any of the information above, email me back or call me at 270-784-0357.


Congratulations to all teams and good luck in the playoffs, and keep winning!

The 2011 SBFFC Champion: Steve Kurowsky, team Chudnofsky

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Steve Kurowsky, a fantasy football veteran in Kentucky, is one proud owner today. He is now the official winner and world champion of the 2011 Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship (SBFFC), presented by Buffalo Trace Bourbon. His strong play in the TONY RHOADES STATE FARM Division, scoring most overall points in the regular season led to even more consistent play in the playoffs, where Chudnofsky defeated 59 other SBFFC teams! The team name Chudnofsky came from the video adjacent to this story, the Chudnofsky team name also came from the following link below, which you can enjoy on YouTube:


Steve's Week 1 lineup had:

QB Tom Brady

RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Reggie Bush

WR Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Austin Collie

TE Rob Gronkowski

K Stephen Gostkowski

DEF Detroit Lions

Steve also had a young WR named Denarius Moore and a young RB on the bench named DeMarco Murray. Moore and Murray played big roles for Chudnofsky in future weeks to lead them to more wins!

Chudnofsky was in arguably the toughest division in the SBFFC, playing alongside HFS legend and multiple fantasy football champion Matt Krantz, 2010 2nd place overall winner Ronnie Shirley, Tony Rhoades division winner Jeff Johnson, and 2011 3rd place overall SBFFC winner Jonathan Patterson, who was also in the TONY RHOADES DIVISION.

Despite a four game losing streak from Weeks 4-7, Chudnofsky managed to win two high point total weeks in the overall SBFFC, scoring 206 points in Week 10 and 233 points in Week 14! Chudnofsky persevered and scored a strong 187 points in Week 16 to win the SBFFC championship. Chudnofsky got out to a strong early lead in Week 14 and never lost his first place lead during the championship round.

"I pride in good, consistent draft skills at the draft table, along with making key free agent pickups during the season," Chudnofsky owner Steve Kurowsky said. "Having consistent play from my starters and scoring a lot of points consistently and quickly helped me to the championship, along with a lot of luck the playoffs."

A typical lineup for Chudnofsky during the playoff weeks would have looked like:

Tom Brady, DeMarco Murray (before he got injured), Maurice Jones-Drew, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Bush, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Stephen Gostkowski, and the Lions defense.

A key pickup of RB Kahlil Bell right before Week 16 gave Chudnofsky about 20 points to clinch the championship.

Everyone in the SBFFC would like to congratulate Steve Kurowsky as he will take home a grand total of $2350 this season along with a free entry into the Kentucky State Fantasy Football Championship for 2012! Kurowsky plans to defend his title with all guns blazing next season, so let the reign of Chudnofsky begin!

Expect Steve to be interviewed about his SBFFC accomplishments on WBGN AM 1340's The Sports Guys with Norm Haney, along with Scott Atkins' Fantasy Players Association Radio show in the very near future!

Congratulations again Steve, you deserve it buddy.

More details will be given later this week regarding the 2012 SBFFC draft and event schedule.


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The Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship (SBFFC) is proud to announce that Buffalo Trace Bourbon will be the main sponsor of the SBFFC once again this season when the SBFFC drafts at the Corvette Museum on Saturday, August 18, 2012!

Buffalo Trace Bourbon representative Kris Comstock has helped the SBFFC grow with this sponsorship opportunity.  Owners, drink the Buffalo Trace Bourbon because it will be the official bourbon of the SBFFC this season!  Expect Buffalo Trace Bourbon to be all over promotion this season of the SBFFC along with a bottle or two of bourbon to be auctioned and raffled off on August 18, 2012 for the SBFFC draft date!

Once again we would like to thank Kris Comstock and Buffalo Trace Bourbon for coming on board this season with the SBFFC!


Posted by Brian Harwood on February 8, 2011 at 11:59 PM Comments comments (0)


Michael Vick, the $400 GRAVEDIGGER free agent pickup!


When the Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship started, GRAVEDIGGER owner Dave Barkes was amazed by the production and the number of people at the event. Barkes, from Columbia, KY, east of Glasgow and Bowling Green, KY, had never been at a fantasy football event so big. He drafted from the number 5 spot and selected Andre Johnson with his first pick. He came back with Miles Austin second and did not draft a running back until round 4, taking Shonn Greene and then following up with Matt Forte. After his quarterback at the time Kevin Kolb got hurt in Week 1, Barkes spent $400 in waiver wire bid money to select GRAVEDIGGER's team MVP Michael Vick, who led his team in scoring with 356 SBFFC points. Barkes, as he has proven in many Harwood Fantasy Sports leagues, has proven his worth and great competitiveness in the SBFFC.


GRAVEDIGGER entered the SBFFC championship round, which was all head-to-head, as a #13 seed out of the Overtime Sports Bar and Grill Division and beat the Fantasy Sports Vault champions Jersey Throwbacks, the tough K'WOW & the Multiple Scoregasms, and the SBFFC total point champion and overall #1 seed and best record Vick in a Box. Week 16 then came with a matchup versus Ronnie Shirley's Steel City Ballers.


The storyline entering the game not only was the $2000 SBFFC championship prize along with the entry into the Louisville Kentucky State Fantasy Football Championship in 2011, but both teams had Michael Vick. GRAVEDIGGER's opponent had popular Vick wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, who needed 35.2 points to beat GRAVEDIGGER. As you all know by now, GRAVEDIGGER beat the Steel City Ballers 150.62 to 134.12.


GRAVEDIGGER also had excellent play from Matt Forte at 26.9 fantasy points, Miles Austin at 23.1 fantasy points, key free agent pickup Jacob Tamme at 20.8 points, and shrewd free agent pickup wide receiver Andre Caldwell at 12.7 fantasy points. He also won despite his top wide receiver Andre Johnson being injured in this game and did not play. Experts claim that the Overtime Sports Bar and Grill division was the toughest division in the SBFFC, so for those who are going to be in the Overtime division next year have an uphill battle to climb against Barkes and the GRAVEDIGGER.


"WOW," Barkes exclaimed when the final results game in Tuesday night. "I feel like Vick in a Box (Luke Keith) was the team to beat and if he would have beat me in the SBFFC semifinals, Luke would be the SBFFC champion and would have won it all. Kudos go out to a quality team in Vick in a Box. I am very honored to win the first ever Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship and I am looking forward to next season. I'll take this money and take care of my wife and kids and just have a good time with it, and party like a rock star all night long," Barkes commented.


Harwood Fantasy Sports will attempt to get Barkes an interview on WBGN AM 1340 regarding his win, along with Fantasy Players Association president Scott Atkins on his RED vs. BLUE Blogtalkradio.com fantasy football show. More information will follow as Barkes will represent the SBFFC as they continue to grow and be seen more in the fantasy football public eye.


Once again congratulations to Dave on his victory and he is now the MAN in the SBFFC.



Take a look today at proud SBFFC sponsor FanDuel.com,  the greatest and best fantasy sports daily games going today!  Whoooo!


SBFFC Fantasy Football Show--LISTEN HERE!!!!!

Click this link and then click on the triangle in the Web Audio Player Section to listen each and every Wednesday, starting July 9 at 5 pm central time, to the SBFFC Fantasy Football Show LIVE!


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  • "Awesome time! You put on a great event. Can't wait to come again next year."
    Craig Campbell
    Shiva Blasters
  • "This was my first year playing in this sbffc and I had a blast! I can't wait to come back and draft with everyone again. Thanks! "
    Jason Wiggins
    Temple of BOOM!

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